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Our Commitment To Animals and Feral Cat Caretakers...Feral Cats

There are millions of stray and feral cats in the United States.  They need and deserve our help.  By feeding them, we also lower their impact on birds and other wild life.

The Carter Pets team operates several feeding stations in the Phoenix area and also works with several local organizations.  Having first hand experience with the challenge of keeping valuable pet food from being spoiled from ants, birds and bad weather,  we began working on a solution.

Over time, Carter Pets has developed the Outdoor Pet Feeder with the help and suggestions of many caring volunteers who feed feral and stray cats, or even manage cat colonies.

Feral Cat Support Groups

There are many groups and associations throughout the country that will help feral cat caretakers with trapping, neutering, and releasing feral cats to their previous locations.   This is commonly referred to as T.N.R. and is considered to be the most humane way to help control feral cat populations.  Check the Humane Society U.S. website for a list of organizations in your area. Volunteers are always needed.  Ask how you can help.

The Ant-Free Outdoor Pet Feeder is perfect for anyone who feeds cats or small dogs outdoors. 

May The Outdoor Pet Feeder give you years of happy feeding!  We salute all of you who do your part!

- The Carter Pets Team

Satisfaction Guarantee

Carter Pet Products are guaranteed to perform as claimed, and against defects, for a period of one year from purchase date.  You may return any item for a full refund, less shipping within one year.

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