Feeding Pets Outside

Feeding Cats and Dogs OutdoorsFeeding pets outside

Problems with Feeding Outdoors

Ray Carter developed the Carter Pets Outdoor Pet Feeder primarily to overcome problems he experienced when feeding many feral cats outdoors. His good intentions to help these animals survive were hindered by a variety of difficulties present whenever you try to move dinner outdoors.

Ray discovered these aggravating issues when feeding free roaming cats outside:

  • Feeding multiple cats required large amounts of pet food
  • Feed must sometimes last multiple days
  • Remote feeding locations often required supplies to be carried long distances
  • Cleaning bowls regularly was difficult
  • Ants and other insects would get into the cat's dish
  • Birds would eat the food
  • Bad weather including rain, sleet and snow spoiled cat food
  • Feeders would break or were hard to clean

The Outdoor Pet Feeder

Ray invented a Pet Feeder to solve these problems for himself. Recognizing that others must have the same issues when feeding cats and small dogs outside, and how these issues might hinder those good citizens intending to feed stray cats, Ray decided to turn his unique design into an inexpensive product that he could make available to everyone feeding pets outdoors. The unique Carter Pets Outdoor Pet Feeder was born.

Today, Carter Products provide small dog and cat lovers with useful and inexpensive feeders that save money on feed, saves time on feeding and keeps the animals happy too.

The Carter Pets Solution

The Carter Pets Outdoor Pet Feeders provide solutions to nearly all of your outdoor pet feeding problems. Its unique designs offer these benefits:

  • Holds enough food to feed many cats or small dogs (12 cups)
  • Two feeding dishes are included, so one can be cleaned while the other is outdoors
  • Protects pet food so it lasts longer
  • The Outdoor Pet Feeder is inexpensive, and saves money on dog food or cat food
  • The Feeder is durable and cleans easily

Large Feeding Dish

The Outdoor Pet Feeder easily holds 12 cups of food; plenty large enough to feed many cats or small dogs at one time. The large size works great when food must last over multiple days between remote feeding trips for homeless cats.

Keeps Crawling Insects Away

The unique ant-free feeder is created by the dish-inside-a-moat. The dish is secured to the shelter, allowing you to fill the gap between dish and moat with water, or you can spray the interior of the moat with insecticide, or sprinkle inside the moat with powders that repel bugs. The easy-to-use mounting clips are constructed so they do not form an entry path. Ants cannot get to the pet food, so food lasts longer and cats are not repelled by bugs invading their food. The Feeder is virtually ant-proof.

The Carter Moat

When using water in the Outdoor Pet Feeder moat, adding a few drops of bleach will keep the water fresh and discourage mosquitoes. Instead of water, the inside of the moat can be sprinkled with either Food-Grade Diatomaceous Earth or Powdered Carpenter's Chalk.

Another safe alternative is to lightly spray the inside of the moat with ant spray. The design of our Outdoor Feeder prevents pets and food from coming into direct contact with the spray. One application of ant spray can keep ants out of the moat for weeks.

*The label on most cans of insecticide indicate that it is safe for humans and pets to contact treated areas after the spray is dry. Do not spray interior food dish.


Durable And Inexpensive Design

Our Carter pets Outdoor Pet Feeder is made from high quality materials that hold up even in harsh climates. The dishes clean easily, keeping the Feeder sanitary and appealing.

The Pet Feeder includes two feeding dishes and the outer moat for a reasonable price that helps non-profit groups feeding feral cats and saves money for pet owners. The dual dishes allow you to carry one with food and swap for the one needing washed.

Save Money And Time

We enjoy making this helpful Feeder for our mutual cat lovers and small dog lovers everywhere. We know you will enjoy the ease of use, and how it saves you money and time in feeding pets or strays.

Let us know how you like it. We are always looking to improve our Carter Pets Outdoor Pet Feeder.