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The Carter Pets Feeder works great for feeding cats or small dogs. Its unique design is unmatched when...

  • Feeding outside
  • Feeding large amounts of food
  • Feeding more than one pet
  • Feeding over multiple days

Outdoor Sheltered Pet Feeder

Save money by keeping ants, birds and rain out of your pet food!
Carter Pets Outdoor Feeder

Our Sheltered Feeder features...

  • Protects and shelters food from ants, birds and rain.
  • Cats & small dogs can eat, but birds stay out.
  • For Cats & Dogs under 20 lbs.
  • Two Swappable Interior Dinner Dishes
    (each holds up to 12 cups of dry food)
  • Tie down loop included

Our sheltered feeder features a weather-resistant plastic cover to help prevent bad weather from quickly spoiling food.

The feeder features a weighted sunscreen at the opening of the feeder that allows cats and small dogs to eat, but keeps out most birds.

Our unique design secures the interior food dish inside the shelter, which can be used with water, powders, or spray, to keep ants and other crawling insects from reaching the food dish.

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Optional Feeder CoverFood Cover

The optional feeder cover allows you control over feeding times and further protects food when cats or dogs are not eating.

$3.95 each
(order feeder separately)
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