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Liz  "...Today was WONDERFUL as it rained all day and my food is DRY!  NO BIRDS!  I love the Outdoor Pet Feeder. When my budget allows, I will be buying two more.  These really are as great as I keep saying!  Thank you for solving my problem.Outdoor Pet Feeders pay for themselves as the food is not disappearing so quickly.  My food bill will be reduced, thereby saving me money in the long run. The birds are clueless that there is food in the feeder but the cats can smell it and stick their head in and eat away.

- Liz, Feral Friends, Richardson, TX

Liz also sent this email to members of Feral Friends:

"This new Pet Feeder is terrific for keeping Birds, Rain and Ants out of your Feeding Station.  The cover is a tough vinyl, and the inside container holds 12 cups of food.  I have tested these for over a week and all the birds that were eating my food have disappeared. Now only the cats eat and the food stays totally dry during rain (like today!)  I do not sell these, I have no monetary stake in this – just wanted to let all Feral Friends know these REALLY work!"


"We love the outdoor pet feeder.  It is is a wonderful product that helps us feed our feral colonies safer and easier.  I love how deep it is and how the colony cats share!  It's adorable. The "moat" is a great help, and so is the top attachment to scare away the birds. Thank you so much. We need this important product for our rescue."

- Amanda, Prancing Paws Animal Rescue, Philadelphia, PA

"Here are our kitty cats enjoying breakfast from their Carter Pets Outdoor Pet Feeder. We had it for six weeks and NO BIRDS! Thank you Carter Pets."

- Derwin H.

"My kitty Sophie enjoyed her first feeding from the feeder tonight! I'm really happy this is working. It's easier than what I was doing before, and the birds don't seem to have any idea how to get into the food, even when the flap is tucked up. The extra food dish for swapping out is ingenious - something only a colony caretaker would think of!"

- Cathy H.

"I ordered one of your feeders about two months ago for the two feral brothers, Jackson and Jimbo, that live in/around the office park where I work. The lady who has been taking care of them used to work in the same building, but her company moved out of the offices. I volunteered to keep an eye on them and help her out.

After seeing the ants infest their pan and the crows getting everything left behind, I set out looking for some kind of feeder that would help the boys get more of their food. Yours looked like a winner.

I ordered it, and the cats took to it almost immediately. Their food stays dry, and the ants stay out of the pan. I'm also glad the opening is big enough for both of them to eat at the same time. When it's feeding time, they get down to business! "

- Walter B.

"I have three pet ducks named Ducker, Daisy and Duchess, They are buddies. ...I had problems with wild birds getting into duck's feed pans. The wild birds could transmit disease and parasites through their contact with the feed... I also buy top-of-the-line feed and watching the wild birds hog it was stressing my budget. I was searching for a solution. I haunt Goodwills when I get the chance and found a "new in the box" Outdoor Pet Feeder. The donation's loss, my gain! I snatched it up and took it home to try.

... It took three days for the ducks to get used to accessing the feed, but now it is old hat! What a relief! And I do have feral cats, as I live across the street from a hoarder. Will be getting more of these feeders as a result.

I have found the Outdoor Pet Feeder to be extremely well designed. The materials used to make the feeder, function extremely well for these tasks. This is a well thought out tool. THANK-YOU! Glad to have access to such a good solution for my wild bird problems."
- Deborah

"I would like to tell you of our success with the Outdoor Pet Feeder.

We have two ex-feral cats who stay in our garage during inclement weather, and outside when it is nice. I usually keep their Outdoor Pet Feeder in the garage and let the cats in and out. But, we recently went away for a couple of days, so I put it on the deck and left the cats outside. It rained almost constantly while we were away. But when we returned, the food was dry!

Cat food attracts large bugs out of the woods. So, before we left, we took the food tray out, sprayed the inside bottom of the outer container with bug spray, and let it dry prior to re-inserting the food tray. When we returned, there was one dead bug in the bottom of the container, but none in the food tray. Apparently, they were stopped by the bug spray before they got into the food tray. We used the bug spray which we use inside our house, which states it is not harmful to pets after it dries. However, we made sure it did not come in contact with the cat food.

I put water in the bottom of the outside container last summer when it was rainy, hot, and humid here in the south, but the cat food molded because of condensation. The bug spray is a better choice for us. We love the Outdoor Pet Feeder!"
- Freida

"What a super fabulous product! I am so grateful that you manufacture it, especially after this last rain storm we had that lasted four days. The poor cats had gone without food for four days, as there was no way to keep it dry.

I have four feeders now: Two in my yard and one in each of two locations where I feed cats. I feed eight cats in one colony and four in another. This winter, with the heavy snow storms, I took out the tray and filled the feeder with dry food. It worked great, as the cats got at least four days of food. Now, when it rains, I put the wet food on small, round paper plates and place them side-by-side in the feeder. Not a drop of water got it in.

After each rain I spray the entire outside perimeter (not the flap) with insecticide. Now, I never notice ants or bugs. You have saved my life this year. Recent snows kept me from getting out for more than a day several times, but I didn’t have to worry about the cats not eating. The feeder is the best!"
- Mare

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